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The Willow Creek border crossing is a low volume port of entry that connects the communities of Havre, Montana and Govenlock, Saskatchewan.As a lightly traveled port of entry, delays at this crossing are rare. Travelers who want to check the wait times at this location while on the road can... Dalton Cache border crossing, Alaska’s trade decreases…

Top of the World Highway - The Top of the World Highway ends at the Yukon/Alaska border, and becomes the Boundary Spur Road for the 24 kilometers (15 miles) from there to the junction with the Taylor Highway. Just a few hundred yards west of the border is the Davis Dome Wayside, where this "Welcome to Alaska" sign is located. Poker Creek - Little Gold Creek Border Crossing - Wikipedia The Poker Creek–Little Gold Creek Border Crossing is on the Top of the World Highway, which connects the communities of Tok, Alaska and Dawson, Yukon on  ... Alcan - Beaver Creek Border Crossing - Wikipedia

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Poker Creek Border Crossing: Seasonal dates subject to change depending on road conditions. During non-seasonal dates, there are no phones at Poker Creek; the phone number for the nearest POE is Alcan at (907) 774-2252 or 907-774-2242. 5 Border Crossings into Alaska With 5 border crossings into Alaska, you do have some options. Some are open 24 hours and others are seasonal. A valid passport is required. Top of the World Highway | Listing Regions | Yukon Territory The Little Gold/Poker Creek border crossing from the Yukon to Alaska is the most northern international border crossing in all of North America.


Crossing the Alaska Border and Getting Screwed We cross back into the USA at the Most Northerly Land Border Port at Poker Creek, Alaska, population 3. Immediately after crossing into the states we’re greeted with the most beautiful paved road we’ve ever seen. We pulled over at the vista point for the quintessential Poker Creek – Eagle, Alaska - Atlas Obscura Discover Poker Creek in Eagle, Alaska: The northernmost international land border crossing in the United States. RV Crossroads | Poker Creek Border Crossing At this elevation, the outside temperature is a very cool 46 degrees but otherwise, a nice sunny and clear day for the trip. The Milepost magazine, the Alaska Highway traveler’s bible, says this road is not recommended on rainy days.

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Top of the World Highway - Wikipedia A 50 km (31 mi) branch road off the highway was used to reach the town of Clinton Creek, Yukon, site of a former asbestos mine shut down since 1979. Border ports of entry. The Poker Creek - Little Gold Creek Border Crossing features one of the few jointly-built single building customs ports of entry along the Canada–US border. Poker Creek Alaska Passport Stamp - Cobb, EH, 1972 ... Poker Creek, Alaska. The Council says it wants to develop “a diverse retail, cultural and entertainment project.” This is the crux of the complete statement:It said the tribe lacked sovereign Indian property on which to build.The reason that there are no casinos on Indian reservations in Alaska is that these areas do not fit the definition of 'Indian Lands', which can tax independently. Driving from CO-AK & Back - Bighead Todd

The Alcan - Beaver Creek Border Crossing - Yukon-Alaska Jul 06, 2016 · Not all of them are open 24 hours. The two RV Gypsies have entered Alaska via three of the five border crossings. Poker Creek AK / Top of the World Highway: This port of entry of is open from 8am to 8pm during summer months. Alaska Highway / Beaver Creek Yukon: The only border crossing that is open 24 hours a day all year round.